Bembridge Lifeboat is a "Discover" RNLI station

located at the eastern end of the Isle of Wight,
adjacent to the infamous Bembridge Ledge


So far in 2015, the crew have answered 16 shouts (12 ALB & 4 ILB) and have rescued or assisted 29 people. 

The most recent shout (ALB) was on 28th June.  The most recent ILB shout was on 27th June.  There was a cancelled launch on 22nd April.   Click here for details of "shouts">>

In 2014 there were 33 shouts (29 ALB & 4 ILB) with 62 people being rescued or assisted (there was a cancelled ALB launch on 4th December & a cancelled ILB launch on 18th July.  Additionally, the ILB provided a presence off St Helens Fort on Tuesday 12th August when c2,000 people "walked to the fort"!)

In 2013 there were 36 shouts with 67 people being rescued or assisted (there were two cancelled launches on 18th August, one on Friday 23rd August & one on 23rd November.)

Although changes may be necessary due to operational requirements, the next planned ALB launch is expected to be on:

Saturday 27th June @ c10:30 in support of the JP Morgan Round the Island Race

Offshore Boathouse & Shop Opening Times

The Offshore Boathouse & Shop are normally open from 2pm to 4pm daily.  However, both will be open from 11am to 4pm over the Summer period (27th June - 27th September) & the Winter half-term (24th October - 1st November).

Amazing Photos of the Lifeboat Station

Have a look at a few of Jamie Currie's amazing photos of the Lifeboat Station and the surrounding area in the Image Gallery.  For a larger selection click here.

Jamie has generously agreed to make a £5.00 donation to the RNLI for any A4 or A3 photos sold and £2.00 for the 10 x 12 photos.


"With courage, nothing is impossible"

- Sir William Hillary, founder of the RNLI 1824