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Bembridge Lifeboat is a "Discover" RNLI station

located at the eastern end of the Isle of Wight, adjacent to the infamous Bembridge Ledge

Everyone involved in the RNLI sends heartfelt condolences to Our Patron, Her Majesty The Queen, on the death of HRH The Duke of Edinburgh. The Duke of Edinburgh has accompanied Her Majesty on many RNLI occasions and we thank him for his longstanding commitment to maritime services and a lifetime of support to Her Majesty.

Photo - HRH the Queen visiting St Ives Lifeboat Station along with Prince Philip, where they both met lifeboat crew members.

HM Coastguard and RNLI launched launched their joint winter coastal safety campaign on 18th December. This Christmas and over the New Year holiday period, we’re expecting many more people to blow away the festive cobwebs with a visit to the coast. So we are reminding everyone to stay well back from stormy, wintery seas and cliff edges, to take a fully charged phone with them, to check tide times before they go and to remember to call 999 in an emergency at the coast. Stay Safe.

We would urge anyone planning a visit to the coast to follow RNLI safety advice: 

• Take care near cliffs - know your route and your limitations 

• Have a plan - check the weather forecast and tide times

• If you fall into the water unexpectedly, FLOAT TO LIVE. Fight your instinct to thrash around, lean back, extend your arms and legs, and Float

•  If individuals are choosing to go sailing or yachting it is important to ensure that equipment is properly checked and serviceable before going afloat.

• In any coastal emergency dial 999 or 112 and ask for the Coastguard.

From Bembridge RNLI Water Safety Team - 12th February 2021 - there have been harrowing reports that people have been getting into difficulties (stuck in the clay) trying to get from the south west end of Forelands beach (Howgate Chine) round the rock ledges to Whitecliff Bay at low tide. The rock ledge around Black Rock is not really a path.  There have been a lot of clay movements recently and the clay is covering the rock ledge. There is also a thin layer of clay covering the rocks which make them very slippery. It is dangerous.
To make matters worse there is little phone coverage around Black Rock and it is little better in Whitecliff. If you get into difficulty, or see someone in difficulty phone 999 and ask for the Coastguard.
This photo was taken last summer when it was dry
From Bembridge RNLI Water Safety Team - Saturday 6th March - Sadly there was a serious incident at Freshwater yesterday when a dog went over the cliff and was killed. When you are out walking with your dog do make sure they are safe.  Follow the advice on the poster. If you, your dog, get into difficulty, or see someone in difficulty phone 999 and ask for the Coastguard.
From Bembridge RNLI Water Safety Team - 27th March - Coastguards across the UK are warning those planning to go anywhere near the coast or beaches over the Easter holidays to be on their guard.  Conditions at sea or on coastal land can change very quickly and unexpectedly, making it unpredictable and dangerous.  A couple from Dorset were recently winched to safety by a search and rescue helicopter.  They were told that another half an hour and the tide would have covered the beach where they found themselves trapped.  More than ever therefore please make sure that your mobile phone is charged before heading out and don't forget tocheckthe tides.  In an emergency, if you need help, call 999 and ask for the Coastguard.

From Bembridge RNLI Water Safety Team - RNLI Local Ambassador Scheme.   Do you have a business near the coast? If so, you could help save lives by promoting some of our key water safety messages.  We’ll ask you to download and display our Water Safety Campaign Resources. In the downloadable pack we will detail what to do if you see someone in trouble and include our key water safety messages. This is so you can informally deliver safety messaging to customers and members of the public when the opportunity arises.   Become an RNLI local ambassador. Share our advice. Save lives. Respect the water.   To learn more and register click on: or send a personal message to Alan Doe for more information.

So far in 2021, the crew have been involved in 2 services (shouts) (1 ALB & 1 ILB) and have rescued or assisted (or potentially assisted) 0 people.

The most recent ALB shout was on 23rd February 2021.  The most recent ILB shout was on 3rd  February 2021.  Click here for details of "shouts">>

In 2020, the the crew were involved in 51 services (shouts) (23 ALB & 28 ILB) and have rescued or assisted (or potentially assisted) 87 people (none included for the Nave Andromeda incident on 25th Oct).

In 2019, the crew were involved in 48 services (shouts) (29 ALB & 19 ILB) and have rescued or assisted (or potentially assisted) 74 people and one dog (excludes the passengers onboard 'Victoria of Wight' on 1st November!).  Although the two shouts on 12th & 13th November have both been included, the numbers rescued or assisted have only been counted once.   There were a number of 'Cancel Launches' - the most recent on 15th December.  See History Timeline & News for more detail.

In 2018, the crew were involved in 38 services (shouts) (31 ALB & 7 ILB) and rescued or assisted (or potentially assisted) 74 people.   There were a number of cancelled launches (both boats)  She launched for training with an RN Merlin Mk2 helicopter from HMS Queen Elizabeth on 16th August.  See History Timeline & News for more detail.

In 2017, the crew were involved in 52 services (shouts) (36 ALB & 16 ILB) and have rescued or assisted (or potentially assisted) 97 people, 3 dogs, an inflatable swan, 2 inflatable dinghies and a plastic traffic bollard!  See History Timeline & News for more detail.

In 2016, the crew were involved in 45 services (shouts) (33 ALB & 12 ILB) and have rescued or assisted 77 people. See History Timeline & News for more detail.

In 2015, the crew were involved in 39 services (shouts) (30 ALB & 9 ILB) and rescued or assisted 86 people.   See History Timeline & News for more detail.

In 2014 there were 33 shouts (29 ALB & 4 ILB) with 62 people being rescued or assisted.  See History Timeline & News for more detail.

In 2013 there were 34 shouts (24 ALB & 10 ILB) with 67 people being rescued or assisted.  See History Timeline & News for more detail.

Offshore Boathouse & Shop Information

The Offshore Boathouse will re-open to the Public as soon as Covid-19 restrictions permit and the RNLI deem that it is safe to do so

You can alsoshop on-line at

School & Group Visits

Due to Covid-19 and Government lockdown restrictions, visits to our boathouses to view our two lifeboats are not currently possible. However, for any groups meeting remotely at this time, we can offer a virtual presentation.

These presentations can be tailored to your needs - please contact our Visits Officer to discuss if this might be of interest.  

Virtual Tours of our Lifeboats

Sorry you can't visit our two lifeboats at the moment, however click on the links below for the next best thing! 

D-Class Virtual tour -
ALB Virtual tour Part 1 -
ALB Virtual tour Part 2 -

Recruiting (posted 2nd March)

We need you! With the Covid restrictions now being eased we are recruiting for Afloat and Shore Based crew. Both positions have full training to become part of the RNLI family at Bembridge. For more information of what is involved please contact John Keyworth, the Operations Manager, on 07725 432990

Activity Packs for Children during the Lockdown

If you are looking for ways to get creative, then you can't go wrong with our free Storm Force activity packs. Full of colouring-in sheets, puzzles and activities for you to do with your family, friends, or just by yourself, you'll be able to disappear into a world of lifeboat-themed inspiration. And it's all completely free!

Plus, you'll also be learning important water safety advice that will help keep you safe the next time you visit the seaside. There are two activity packs for you to download, with more on the way.




RNLI 'Advice if you are looking to take a winter dip'

Special Boat Service Plaque (Nave Andromeda) Shout

Alan Doe retiring as a member of the shore crew


Cowes 'Solent' Get Together - Saturday 18th January 2020

Guild & Crew Christmas Dinner at Bembridge SC - 14th December


Excellence in Volunteering (November 2019)

Excellence in Volunteering Awards

Robin Ebsworth (Chairman of the IoW Lifeboat Board) presenting John & Lesley Gulliver with their "Excellence in Volunteering" Awards at the Bembridge RNLI Guild AGM on Wednesday 15th May

Defibrillator (AED) formally adopted (17th April 2019)


With thanks to the Co-operative Funeral Care, Lane End Beach Huts Ltd, The Wight Strollers and 5 Star Pest Control

Open Day 2019 - 17th August 



Photos by Ken Orchard

Street Fair & Yellow Welly Week 2019


       Verena's Mural


 Steve's Last Shout (30th June 2018)


28th February 2018 Shout (Chandos)!


Christmas Star 2018


British America's Cup Sailors meeting the Island's Next Generation

(Sunday 23rd July 2017 - Sea View Yacht Club)


photos by Harriet Hadfield

150 years of Lifesaving at Bembridge (10th June 2017)


for me see:

History of Bembridge Lifeboat (June 2016)

Martin Woodward's fascinating and detailed "History of Bembridge Lifeboat" is available in the Bembridge RNLI shop so do come and buy a copy.  A small number of signed copies are available in the Shop.


Photo by John Hendy (2016)

 Visit the Inshore Lifeboat Centre in East Cowes

Based in East Cowes on the Isle of Wight, the Inshore Lifeboat Centre (ILC) supplies and maintains over half of the lifeboats for all of our lifeboat stations, as well as our lifeguard units.

Fast growing in popularity as a visitor attraction, you can now book a free tour to come inside the ILC and new interactive visitor and heritage centre, where you’ll find out just what makes this site so vital to our lifesaving efforts.   Alternatively call 01983 292521 (Monday to Friday 8am - 5pm.  Guided tours are on Tuesdays & Thursdays and for 2020 will start at 11am.  They last for an hour to an hour and a half. Group tours for schools, clubs and other visiting organisations are very welcome.

For more details visit:

Amazing Photos of the Lifeboat Station

Have a look at a few of Jamie Currie's amazing photos of the Lifeboat Station and the surrounding area in the Image Gallery.  For a larger selection click here.

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Changes to our Privacy Policy 

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For more details see:  


 "With lifeboats, lifeguards and safety education the RNLI provides a ring of safety around the UK & ROI"

"With courage, nothing is impossible"

- Sir William Hillary, founder of the RNLI 1824