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March Services


We launch to assist Hayling Island ILB that had requested assistance with towing a 24ft yacht “Doxy” that was meeting adverse conditions in force 8-9 southerly winds south of Chichester.

The lifeboat made best speed and rendezvoused with Hayling and the casualty by the Dean Tail wreck buoy.

Hayling had the casualty lying head to sea but was unable to make much headway in the conditions and the decision was made to take over the tow, Hayling had a crewman aboard the casualty having been transferred across sometime earlier. He made his way forward and released the tow once the ILB hade recovered it, the lifeboat was manoeuvred stern first down onto the casualty and the towline passed, once secured and the crew safely in the cockpit the lifeboat took up the tow and headed for Portsmouth Harbour at 4.5 knots in company with Hayling ILB.

The progress was slow but we eventually made Portsmouth and the tow was shortened prior to entering, once inside the tow was released and Hayling ILB escorted the casualty under its own power into Gosport marina. 

We returned to station the lifeboat was recovered and were made ready for service again by 21:10