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Station News

April 2014

13th April

The "Alfred Albert Williams" was launched at 01.36 Sunday morning to medically evacuate a 53 year old man with suspected appendicitis. The casualty, a member of the crew of the training vessel "Roald Amundsen" which was anchored off of Ryde Pier, was transported to the Camber Dock in Portsmouth where he was conveyed to the local hospital by the ambulance service.

February 2014

26th February (2)

1.  Whilst out on vibration tests the ALB was tasked by Solent Coastguard to check out a report of a "raft" being sighted in the vicinity of Spitbank Fort by a passer-by on Southsea Seafront.  Nothing spotted and the incident was closed just after 15:00.


4th January

In view of the lumpy conditions on the inshore slipway, the initial request by Solent CG for the ILB was changed to the ALB which launched at 02:10 to assist the local CG teams search the inner Mill Pond in Bembridge Harbour with the Y boat for a possible missing person. 

After an extensive search no one was found and the ALB was successfully recovered (using breasting lines) at 03:25.  Watch a clip of the recovery in the Multimedia (Video) section.


1st December

ALB launched at c14:30 to a broken down 24' angling boat with two crew on board just south of the Nab that was taking in water.  The vessel was pumped out & recovered to Portsmouth.  The Alfred Albert Williams was back at Bembridge around 17:00.


23rd November

ILB was placed on immediate readiness to launch at c11:30 in case it was required to assist in an on-going incident on Culver Down.  In the event, it was successfully resolved by the Coastguard & Police, so a launch was not required. 

10th November

ALB launched c13:40 to a walking casevac onboard a container ship which they RV'd with off the Nab Tower. 

The casualty was dropped off at the Town Camber Portsmouth and taken to hospital in the local Coastguard vehicle when the ambulance was diverted to a higher priority task.


6 October

ALB launched at 11:30 to RV with a yacht 15 nm SE of St Catherines Point who had come across a body thought to possibly the crew member from the MSC Opera who had gone missing on 24 September. 

On arrival on scene the crew were able to recover the body using the Y boat and the transom platform.  They then RV'd with a Police Launch which had also been tasked to assist and transfered the body bag to them.



26th September

ALB launched at 23:15 for a medivac from a cruise ship 20+ nm South of Bembridge.  An 86 year lady who had embarked at Southampton earlier in the day had fallen and badly broken her arm and needed casevacing to Portsmouth escorted by her husband. 


12th August

The ILB was requested at 05:31 and launched at 05:41 to assist a 31ft yacht that had run aground on the falling tide at the entrance to Bembridge Harbour.  On arrival it was clear that the boat was hard aground on the sand bank and could not be pulled off.  Having made sure that the three crew were safe and the yacht was in no danger, the ILB returned to the Lifeboat Station and was made ready for service again by 06:30.  The yacht floated off the sand bank under its own power at around 14:00.


26th JULY

Both boats were requested at 23:32 to launch to support a search by Bembridge, Ryde & Ventnor Coastguard teams for a group of 20 students from a local residential campus who had been reported missing and were thought to have gone down to have a party on the beach in the Whitecliff Bay area. 

June 2013 (5)

29th June

The ILB was requested at 17:39 and launched at 17:45 to assist an 8.4m Bayliner motor boat with two children and two adults onboard that had broken down in the vicinity of No Mans Land Fort and was in danger of drifting into the main shipping channel.  Having confirmed that the problem was a dead battery, the ILB towed the boat back to its moorings in Bembridge.

On completion the ILB returned to station and was made ready for service again by 20:30.


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