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Station News

April Services 2012


We launched at 21:45 to assist a 37ft yacht that had suffered engine failure in light winds south of Dunnose point.

The vessel was taken undertow into Haslar marina, in Portsmouth Harbour.

The lifeboat returned to station at 01:10

March Services 2012


We launched at 19:17 to assist a dive RIB that had suffered machinery failure whilst conducting a night time drift dive in the vicinity of Bembridge ledge.

Three divers were recovered form the water and the vessel towed into the Camber docks Portsmouth Harbour.

January Services 2012


We were requested to launch at 07:30 to assist a 92' Dutch Barge that had lost all but one of its mooring lines, from its berth alongside Wades pontoon in bembridge harbour.

Once inside the harbour it was established that others were in the process of re connecting the lines and there was little we could do.

We returned to station at 08:05


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