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17th November

RNLB Alfred Albert William launched in wet and windy conditions (NE F5-6) at about 17:10 this evening to locate and assist a 21ft angling boat that had reported that it had lost all power having prop wrapped on its anchor warp in the vicinity of the Nab Tower with 2 people on board. 




The ALB launched at 15:00 to assist a 47ft ex-tugboat that had initially broken down and subsequently reported that it was taking on water on its way from Newport to Southampton with 2 crew onboard.  On arrival on scene the mechanic went on board the tug to see if temporary repairs were possible, however as nothing could be done, the tug was towed back to Trinity Landing in Cowes.  The Peter & Lesley-Jane Nicholson then returned to Bembridge and was re-housed by 17:30.

September 2014

28th September

The ALB (RNLB Peter and Lesley-Jane Nicholson) launched at around 01:10 to assist a 17ft outboard engined boat with an elderly skipper and two other crew who had become disorientated and had anchored as they were unsure of their position.  Using DF they were quickly located close to the entrance of Bembridge harbour and escorted back to their moorings at the top end of the harbour.  The ALB was re-housed by 02:30.

August 2014

16 August

Having launched at around 15:20 in support of our annual Open Day, the Alfred Albert Williams was tasked towards the end of the demonstration (at around 15:45) to assist a 22ft inboard engined angling boat with three crew onboard that had a rope round its prop just south of the Bembridge Ledge.  The boat was towed into Bembridge Harbour as the closest safe haven. 

The AAW was re-housed by 17:30.

July 2014

20 July

Three ALB shouts this afternoon.  The first was at around 13:40 when the Alfred Albert Williams launched to take over the tow from the Sandown & Shanklin Inshore Lifeboat of a 38ft motor cruiser with 2 persons onboard that had broken down off St Catherine's Point earlier in the day.  The motor cruiser was subsequently towed into Portsmouth.  On returning to Bembridge the ALB carried out a hi-line training exercise with the Coastguard helicopter; she was re-housed by 16:00.

June 2014

26th June

The Alfred Albert Williams launched at around 00:10 to assist a single handed 32 foot sailing yacht that had left Falmouth 3 days ago and was midway between Bembridge & Langstone snagged on either a fishing net or lobster pot.  The ALB successfully freed the yacht using a grapple and as her engine was not working towed her into Haslar Marina.  The Alfred Albert Williams returned to Bembridge and was re-housed by 02:20.

May 2014

18th May

The ALB & ILB were launched just after 18:00 in support of the local Coastguard and Police following the report of a possible missing person who was thought to have stolen a speedboat from the Driftwood Bar area in Sandown Bay.  Both boats were subsequently stood down at 18:45 and returned to Bembridge when it was confirmed that the suspect had been apprehended ashore by the Police.

April 2014

13th April

The "Alfred Albert Williams" was launched at 01.36 Sunday morning to medically evacuate a 53 year old man with suspected appendicitis. The casualty, a member of the crew of the training vessel "Roald Amundsen" which was anchored off of Ryde Pier, was transported to the Camber Dock in Portsmouth where he was conveyed to the local hospital by the ambulance service.

February 2014

26th February (2)

1.  Whilst out on vibration tests the ALB was tasked by Solent Coastguard to check out a report of a "raft" being sighted in the vicinity of Spitbank Fort by a passer-by on Southsea Seafront.  Nothing spotted and the incident was closed just after 15:00.


4th January

In view of the lumpy conditions on the inshore slipway, the initial request by Solent CG for the ILB was changed to the ALB which launched at 02:10 to assist the local CG teams search the inner Mill Pond in Bembridge Harbour with the Y boat for a possible missing person. 

After an extensive search no one was found and the ALB was successfully recovered (using breasting lines) at 03:25.  Watch a clip of the recovery in the Multimedia (Video) section.


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