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Station News


26th JULY

Both boats were requested at 23:32 to launch to support a search by Bembridge, Ryde & Ventnor Coastguard teams for a group of 20 students from a local residential campus who had been reported missing and were thought to have gone down to have a party on the beach in the Whitecliff Bay area. 

June 2013 (5)

29th June

The ILB was requested at 17:39 and launched at 17:45 to assist an 8.4m Bayliner motor boat with two children and two adults onboard that had broken down in the vicinity of No Mans Land Fort and was in danger of drifting into the main shipping channel.  Having confirmed that the problem was a dead battery, the ILB towed the boat back to its moorings in Bembridge.

On completion the ILB returned to station and was made ready for service again by 20:30.

May 2013 (3)

16th May

The ALB was launched at 17:05 to assist an angling vessel with machinery failure 2 miles south of St Catherine's Point. The vessel was towed back into Bembridge and berthed at Fisherman's Pontoon.

On completion the lifeboat returned to station at 19:00.

8th May

The ALB was launched at 23:51 to assist an 8 metre vessel with a fouled propeller which hindered the rudder close to the Bembridge Ledge.

April 2013

27th April

The ALB was requested to launch at 15:20 by Solent CG after receiving reports of a dismasted catamaran in the vicinity of No Man's Land Fort.

On launching the lifeboat made best speed and were re-tasked to another dismasted catamaran on route while Gosport Lifeboat (GAFIRS) attended the first one.

We sorted the catamaran out and towed it a short distance to Gosport Lifeboat who took over the tow into Stokes Bay. We took over the tow of Gosport's catamaran and towed that into Portsmouth Harbour and berthed it in Haslar Marina.

February 2013


The ALB launched at 01:02 to assist in the medical evacuation of a person from the "No Mans Land fort" in the Solent.

Arriving on-scene 10 minutes after launching, the person was brought ashore by stretcher and handed to the ambulence crew in Camber docks.

On completion the lifeboat returned to station at 02:43


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