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26th September

ALB launched at 23:15 for a medivac from a cruise ship 20+ nm South of Bembridge.  An 86 year lady who had embarked at Southampton earlier in the day had fallen and badly broken her arm and needed casevacing to Portsmouth escorted by her husband. 

They RV'd with the cruise ship (which had turned back towards the Island) at 00:10 and executed a very smooth transfer.  Making best speed in the NE F5 conditions to Portsmouth they reached the Camber at 01:39 where they were met by the local Coastguard team.  An ambulance eventually turned up at 02:08 and they were then able to return to Bembridge.  After a first time recovery in the lumpy seas, they were back on the slipway by 02:39.

26th September

ILB launched at 06:56 to assist a 38 foot yacht that had run aground on the edge of the channel when leaving Bembridge Harbour with 2 crew onboard. 

Although well aground on a dropping tide by the time the ILB arrived (07:00), the ILB helmed by James Pink and crewed by Fred Milne & Nick Hawkins managed to help the yacht get off into deeper water by heeling her over using the yacht's main halyard. 

An excellent outcome particularly as the ENE Force 4 was predicted to increase later in the day.  The ILB was re-housed by 07:30.

24th September

The ALB launched at around 06:30 after a request had been received from Solent Coastguard to assist in the search about 17 nm south of Ventnor for a crew member of an in-bound cruise ship who had been reported as missing.    Although only identified as missing when the ship docked in Southampton, the timing of his disappearance was subsequently ascertained when CCTV footage was studied. 

After an extensive search of the area where the crew member was likely to have drifted to with the tide failed to find anything, the Alfred Albert Williams was released and returned to Bembridge at around 12:20.

19th September

At about 17:00, a request was received from Hayling Island RNLI via Solent Coastguard to assist them in the rescue of a 28 foot sailing yacht with 3 foreign crew onboard who had reported problems with their rudder off Chichester Harbour entrance.  The ALB was launched and was soon on station. 

Although it transpired that it was a problem with the tiller rather than the rudder, a tow was established and the yacht was towed into the calmer waters of Chichester Harbour where it was handed over to the Hayling Island Atlantic.  The Alfred Albert Williams returned to Bembridge and was rehoused by 19:00.

3rd September

Both boats were out training on Tuesday evening; the weather was foggy with visibility down to 20m at times.  At around 20:30 Solent Coastguard received a 999 call from someone allegedly close to the Crab & Lobster who had heard a call for help from seawards. 

Both boats were directed to the area and a thorough search was conducted using the ALB, Y boat & ILB.  Other than an angler in his dinghy in the "Run", there was no sign of anyone in distress.  The local CG deployed to the Lookout Station and the Ryde team assisted by searching the shoreline.  The 999 caller was not traced.  Both boats were released and recovered by 21:30.