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23rd November

ILB was placed on immediate readiness to launch at c11:30 in case it was required to assist in an on-going incident on Culver Down.  In the event, it was successfully resolved by the Coastguard & Police, so a launch was not required. 

10th November

ALB launched c13:40 to a walking casevac onboard a container ship which they RV'd with off the Nab Tower. 

The casualty was dropped off at the Town Camber Portsmouth and taken to hospital in the local Coastguard vehicle when the ambulance was diverted to a higher priority task.

Straight forward recovery at around 15:50.

3rd & 4th November

ALB launched at 21:30 to Portsmouth Harbour to assist a 34 ft motor cruiser that had earlier run aground and on re-floating had prop wrapped and was unable to get back to her pontoon berth at Whale Island.  There were 8 elderly passengers onboard. The strong winds had precluded Portsmouth Lifeboat launching. 

On arrival, the motor boat was being very slowly towed by a MOD Police RIB towards Whale Island so an alongside tow was set up and the boat & grateful passengers were safely delivered to their pontoon berth.

Just prior to leaving Portsmouth Harbour the ALB was re-tasked to check a 35ft fishing boat in the Town Camber that had parted one of its mooring lines and it was not known if there was anyone onboard.  There wasn't, the boat was secured and the Alfred Albert Williams returned to Bembridge. 

The swell caused problems recovering and a 2 hour wait on the mooring was necessary before conditions abated.  All secure by around 02:30.