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May 2019

4th May

 When RNLB Alfred Albert Williams (Tamar All Weather Lifeboat 16-17) was on her way out of Bembridge harbour early this afternoon having been at Brading Haven YC's 'Push the Boat Out' Open Day, she was tasked by UK (Solent) Coastguard to assist a 36ft yacht with 3 crew onboard that had reported something caught round her prop off Priory Bay.

 As the Alfred Albert Williams was close by, it did not take long to establish a tow and to tow the yacht to the Visitor's Pontoon. Once she was safely berthed, the Alfred Albert Williams returned to the Offshore Boathouse and was recovered by 13:00.



3rd May

RNLB Norman Harvey (D-Class Inshore Lifeboat 778) was launched at the request of UK (Solent) Coastguard at around 11.30 am this morning to assist the Police, local Coastguard Teams, the Coastguard helicopter (Rescue 175) and Sandown Inshore Rescue search for a missing person in the vicinity of Culver Down.
After the prolonged search by everyone involved came to nought, the Norman Harvey was released and returned to the Inshore Boathouse; she was recovered by 2pm.
Afternote:  the missing person was located safe & well in Ryde/Haven Street