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June 2015

28th June

The Bembridge RNLI Tamar class Lifeboat “Alfred Albert Williams” was launched at the request of Solent Coastguard at 4.30pm to assist the 21’ sports fisher “Marialla” with three people on board whose propeller had become fouled.

The casualty was approximately a mile east of the Nab Tower and was drifting with the tide. The Lifeboat was quickly alongside 26 minutes after launching and having established a tow, passage was made back to Southsea Marina, the casualties home port.

As there was a limited depth of water in the marina, the Portsmouth Lifeboat, (which has a shallower draft),was requested to come and take over the tow which was completed at 6.08pm.  Four minutes after the transfer had been completed, Solent Coastguard re- tasked the "Alfred Albert Williams" to assist Selsey’s RNLI’s offshore and inshore lifeboats who were searching for a missing diver off Selsey.

Fortunately the diver who had become separated from his diving buddies was found safe and well prior to Bembridge’s arrival on scene and the Lifeboat was stood down and returned to Bembridge.  She was re-housed by 6.35 pm.

27th June

The All Weather Tamar class Lifeboat and the D class Inshore Lifeboat were launched as part of the rescue services cover for the JP Morgan Asset Management Round the Island yacht race on Saturday 27th June.

Early afternoon, the “Alfred Albert Williams” was tasked to assist the 26’ yacht “Love in a Mist” which had become dismasted with three crew on board off Bonchurch (on the southern side of the Island). Once on scene and having ascertained that the crew were ok, a tow was established and the “Alfred Albert Williams” headed back towards Bembridge.

In the meantime, the yacht “Rumpleteazer” with 4 crew on board ran aground in Wheelers Bay close to Ventnor.  Initially the Sandown and Shanklin Lifeboat was tasked to help however as they were unable to effectively pull the yacht from the rocks the NMOC decided to re-task the “Alfred Albert Williams” to assist.

The Bembridge Inshore Lifeboat ("Norman Harvey") was therefore tasked to link up with the “Alfred Albert Williams” in Whitecliff Bay and take over the tow so that the ALB could assist in Wheelers Bay.  "Love in the Mist" was then towed by the ILB into Bembridge Harbour.

On arrival at Wheelers Bay and because of the shallow water, the “Alfred Albert Williams's” tow line was taken to "Rumpleteazer" by the Sandown and Shanklin Lifeboat; once everything was set up, "Rumpleteazer" was then towed into deeper water.  As she had bumped on several rocks while being pulled clear, a check was made to ensure there was no water ingress and that the crew were ok.

With the jib sail of the yacht stuck up the mast and with a rope around its propeller "Rumpleteazer" was towed to No Mans Land Fort where the tow was passed to Portsmouth Lifeboat who took her to Haslar Marina so that she could be lifted out of the water to check for any damage that may have occurred.

With no further incidents to attend to, both of the Bembridge lifeboats returned to station and were both re-housed by 17:15.

21st June

At the request of Solent Coastguard the Bembridge RNLI Tamar class Lifeboat “The Alfred Albert Williams” was launched at 15.38 to assist a fishing boat with 9 persons on board.

The 10.3m chartered fishing boat “”Shaka 2” out of Langstone harbour with a fishing party of 9 people had reported that they could not start their engine and were off of Whitecliff Bay, the most eastern point of the Island.

The lifeboat was quickly alongside the casualty where the weather conditions were quite rough with a strong force 6 SW wind; the lifeboat mechanic and  a portable battery charger were transferred to the “Shaka 2” and having "rebooted" the engine the vessel was able to make its own way back to Langstone.

 "Shaka 2" was escorted to a position north of the lifeboat station and having re-covered the mechanic, the "Alfred Albert Williams" returned to station and was rehoused by 16:45.