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June 2013 (5)

29th June

The ILB was requested at 17:39 and launched at 17:45 to assist an 8.4m Bayliner motor boat with two children and two adults onboard that had broken down in the vicinity of No Mans Land Fort and was in danger of drifting into the main shipping channel.  Having confirmed that the problem was a dead battery, the ILB towed the boat back to its moorings in Bembridge.

On completion the ILB returned to station and was made ready for service again by 20:30.

19th June

The ALB was requested to launch at 20:40 by Solent MRCC to assist an 8 metre sailing vessel that was having trouble with its stern tube leaking approximately 22 miles SE of the station.

On launching the lifeboat made best speed and arrived on scene to find the vessel afloat and drifting in the light winds in west bound shipping lane.  The mechanic was transferred across to assess the stern tube but nothing much could be done and the vessels pump was coping.  The towline was run out and made fast and the vessel was towed up into the Solent, due to the falling tide she was taken into Portsmouth Harbour and berthed in Haslar Marina.

On completion the lifeboat returned to station was recovered and made ready for service again by 03:30

7th June

ALB launched to evacuate an 81 year old man who had suffered a heart attack from the cruise ship Deutschland to Portsmouth Harbour.

We were tasked to meet the ship at 12.15 local time at the Nab Tower.  At the Nab Tower the vessel slowed to 6 knots and altered his course to port to give us the best lee.  Fenders were placed on our starboard side.

The lifeboat matched the ships speed and was placed alongside the pilot boarding ladder.  Two crew members, (one being a paramedic) were transferred with the basket stretcher.  It became apparent at this time it was not a man but a lady, she was placed into our stretcher, transferred back to the lifeboat, taken to the wheelhouse and secured into the stretcher rack.  An English speaking nurse was also transferred to accompany the casualty as she was Austrian and did not speak English. The 2 crew were recovered back to the lifeboat.

After the stretcher was secured and the lifeboat doctor, paramedic and the ship's nurse were happy with the casualties condition best speed was made to Camber Dock in Portsmouth Harbour. We were met by local coastguards and an ambulance crew.

The casualty and nurse were transferred to the waiting ambulance and our stretcher and oxygen were recovered.

We returned to the boathouse, recovered, washed down and made ready by 14:00.

1st June

On the request of HMCG Solent we launched to assist a person cut off by the tide in the vicinity of Culver cliff. The ILB made best speed to Culver cliff area and once on scene commenced a shoreline search from the Nostrils toward Yaverland. The casualty was quickly located approximately 700 metres along our search on the rocks at the base of the cliff.

We recovered the casualty onto the ILB and assessed his condition, he was fit & well though slightly intoxicated. The ILB returned to the station the casualty where we handed him over to the local Coastguard unit. 

The ILB was refuelled, and made good for its next service by 19:45.

1st June 

We were tasked to assist a yacht taking part in the Round the Island race suffering from a lack of electrical power to start his engine and charge the batteries.

The yacht was sailing about ½ a mile inside us south of Ventnor, but was unable to run his VHF and had contacted the coastguard by mobile phone.

Once on scene the mechanic was transferred across to the yacht via Sandown inshore rescue with a battery start pack and got the engine running.

The mechanic was then recovered by Sandown and transferred back to us.

On completion we followed the fleet up around Bembridge Ledge and up as far as Ryde before returning to station at 13:30.