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July 2015

28th July

RNLB Alfred Albert Williams (Tamar 16-17) launched at around 14:15 this afternoon at the request of Solent Coastguard to assist in a medivac of a casualty from the super yacht Eleonora initially located north of St Helens Fort.  In the event, the Lifeboat stood by whilst the casualty was eventually winched up to the CG helicopter, Rescue 104, and taken to hospital on the mainland.  The AAW then returned to Bembridge and was recovered by 15:45.


25th July

At approximately 13:40 today (25th July), whilst afloat following a demonstration with the CG Helicopter "Rescue 104" at the Americas Cup World Series event at Portsmouth, RNLB Alfred Albert Williams (Tamar Class All Weather Lifeboat 16/17) was tasked by Solent Coastguard to assist the owner of a 27foot motor cruiser who had only purchased the vessel the day before that had broken down in the spectator area off Horse Sand buoy. 

Our mechanic was transferred to the disabled vessel however he was unable to resolve the fuel blockage that had been identified as the problem.  The owner managed to make contact with the broker who he had bought the boat from who subsequently towed him back to the Hamble.

At approximately 19:15, RNLB Alfred Albert Williams was tasked to help search for a missing kayaker in Sandown Bay, however the task was cancelled just prior to launching when the kayaker was located safely ashore.

13th July

Just after 13.30 Monday afternoon 13th of July the Bembridge RNLI Tamar class All Weather Lifeboat “Alfred Albert Williams” was launched to go to the assistance of a 37’ catamaran taking on water and drifting towards the main Portsmouth/ Southampton shipping channel.

At the same time Bembridge Lifeboat was launched the Portsmouth RNLI Lifeboat was also paged to launch.

The catamaran “Living Dream” with 2 persons on board was taking on water quite quickly into the starboard hull and was in potential danger of sinking in the squally force 7 gusting 8 SW'erly conditions which were pushing the boat towards the main shipping channel of the Solent.  As there was a perceived danger to life, a passing yacht was asked by the coastguard to stay with the casualty in case she sank before the lifeboats arrived and the two crew would then have been in the water.

However, with the casualty not far off the Bembridge lifeboat station, the "Alfred Albert Williams" was along side about 6 minutes after launching with the Portsmouth lifeboat arriving 5 minutes later at which point the attending yacht was allowed to continue on their passage.

Two of the Bembridge crew with the lifeboat's salvage pump were put on to the catamaran and once the pump was activated the water level was able to be reduced and the casualty became more stable.  A tow was then rigged to the Bembridge Lifeboat and due to the prevailing weather conditions a slow tow was commenced to Portsmouth harbour with the Portsmouth lifeboat accompanying them as far as the Horsesand Fort where she was released to return to her home station.

The "Alfred Albert Williams" continued the tow into Portsmouth harbour and the catamaran was placed on a berth inside Haslar Marina where they were met by the local Coastguard.  She then returned to Bembridge arriving back on station at 16.30.

9th July

The Bembridge RNLI Tamar class lifeboat “Alfred Albert Williams” was launched at around 08:40 this morning at the request of Solent Coastguard to assist a 27ft white hulled angling/fishing boat that had broken down possibly in the vicinity of Dean Tail Channel buoy.

Initially the "Alfred Albert Williams" was unable to locate the vessel in question (which it transpired only had a mobile phone), however did eventually find a blue hulled boat with 2 crew broken down close to the area originally reported.  The mechanic was put aboard and managed to jump start the inboard engine and the vessel was then able to make its own way back to Hayling Island.  The "Alfred Albert Williams" returned to Bembridge and was re-housed by 09:45.

5th July

The Bembridge RNLI Tamar class lifeboat “Alfred Albert Williams” was launched at 14:20 at the request of Solent Coastguard to take over the tow of a 7m RIB with two persons on board that the Sandown and Shanklin Independent Inshore Lifeboat had commenced off Shanklin.

The RIB, which was  out of Chichester harbour was suffering from fuel problems.  Rendezvousing with Sandown and Shanklin Inshore Lifeboat off the Forelands area of Bembridge the tow was transferred to the "Alfred Albert Williams" and  a quick transit made across the Solent to Chichester.

The tow was then transferred to the Hayling Island RNLI Inshore Lifeboat just outside the harbour entrance and the "Alfred Albert Williams" returned to Bembridge and was re-housed by 16:45.

1st July

The Bembridge RNLI Inshore Lifeboat “Norman Harvey” was launched at just after 8pm to assist an open sports boat with 8 people on board that had broken down close to the Lifeboat Station.

The casualty vessel was being used for skiing off the Lane End beach when it broke down and started drifting off towards the Ledge.   Arriving on scene 5 minutes after launching, the ILB crew identified that the problem as a rope caught up in the jet drive.

Having ensured that everyone onboard was ok, the "Norman Harvey" towed the sports boat to its mooring in Bembridge harbour.   On completion she returned to the Lifeboat Station and was recovered around 9pm.

July 2015
July 2015