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January 2017

2nd January 2017

Both lifeboats boats have been in action this afternoon (Monday 2nd January).  Initially RNLB Alfred Albert Williams (Tamar 16-17) was launched at just after 16:00 at the request of UK Coastguard to assist the 29ft sailing yacht "Go Crazy" with 4 people onboard (2 adults & 2 young children) that had run aground just outside Bembridge Harbour having misread the buoyage on leaving on a falling tide.
Attempts were made to tow the yacht back into the channel, however this was aborted after it became clear that the Alfred Albert Williams was in danger of running aground herself in the narrow channel.  The Y boat was then launched and the yacht's crew were transferred to the Alfred Albert Williams and taken back to the Offshore Boathouse.  In the meantime, RNLB Norman Harvey (D-778) had been launched and was able lay out Go Crazy's anchor as well as making sure that the yacht was secure.   Both lifeboats were recovered by 17:30. 

The 2 young children and their mother were taken to Ryde to catch the ferry back to the mainland, while the skipper of the yacht was given a lift to the Duver and to wait onboard for the overnight high water. 

Arrangements were made for the Norman Harvey to launch at 23:00 to standby the yacht as she refloated and to escort her back into Bembridge.

RNLB Norman Harvey actually re-launched at around 23:30 and stood by Go Crazy until she refloated at just after 00:30 and was safely moored up alongside the Duver Marina by 00:50.  She then returned to the Lifeboat Station and was recovered by 01:10.   


                ALB                                                    ILB


4th January 2017

RNLB Norman Harvey (D-778) was launched at 15:50 this afternoon at the request of UK Coastguard to investigate the sighting of some wreckage off Foreland Beach. 

The wreckage was quickly located and identified as part of an old dinghy that had been washed up on the beach some time ago.  It was picked up and dropped off with the local Coastguard team on the slipway at Paddock Drive for disposal ashore.  The Norman Harvey then returned to the Lifeboat Station and was recovered by 16:15.