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February 2021

23rd February

Bembridge RNLI’s All-Weather Lifeboat launched at 4pm to help search for a red 12 foot dinghy that had been reported as drifting off Ventnor.

RNLB Alfred Albert Williams (Tamar All-Weather Lifeboat 16-17) was launched at 4pm this afternoon at the request of UK (Solent) Coastguard to search for a red 12 foot dinghy that had been reported as adrift off Ventnor.  Sandown & Shanklin Independent Lifeboat had already been launched but because of the sea conditions offshore (SSW F5) was concentrating on a shore line search.  Ventnor Coastguard Rescue Team was also deployed ashore.  Having carried out a thorough search off Sandown Bay without sighting the dinghy, Alfred Albert Williams was stood down by UK (Solent) Coastguard and returned to the Offshore Boathouse.  She was recovered by 6.15pm.   Photo by Dawn Hodge.

3rd February

Bembridge RNLI’s Inshore Lifeboat launched at 12.08pm following the report of dinghy drifting off Seagrove Bay.

RNLB Norman Harvey (D-Class Inshore Lifeboat 778) was launched just after midday today at the request of UK (Solent) Coastguard to investigate a report of a dark coloured inflatable/rowing boat seen drifting off Seagrove Bay.  Given the relatively calm conditions it did not take long for the Norman Harvey to reach the area where the drifting item had been reported.  In the event (and having checked with the Coastguard and the person who had originally reported in) it turned out to be a large piece of polystyrene float.  Having secured it onboard, they returned to Lane End and the Norman Harvey was recovered by 12.40pm.

Photos by Fred Milne and Guy Willing