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August 2015

21st August

The "Norman Harvey" (D-778) was launched at around 07:20 following a request by Solent Coastguard to assist a 30ft sailing yacht that had gone aground at the entrance to Bembridge Harbour with 2 crew onboard after straying outside the channel.  Although the "Norman Harvey" was quickly on scene, the yacht was well and truly stuck so the crew were taken ashore at the Duver Marina.  D-778 then returned to Lane End and was recovered by 08:00.

18th August

Our relief All Weather Lifeboat, the "Frank and Anne Wilkinson" (Tamar Class 16-06) launched this afternoon at around 16:20 at the request of Solent Coastguard in response to a report that three children had been seen getting into difficulty on the cliffs at Horse Ledge just east of Luccombe Chine.   

Arriving in the area at around 16:40, they talked to three kayakers who confirmed that they had been climbing the cliffs earlier looking for fossils.  Once satisfied that no one else was involved, the "Frank and Anne Wilkinson" returned to Bembridge and was rehoused by 17:30.

12th August

The Bembridge relief Tamar All Weather Lifeboat “Frank and Anne Wilkinson” (16-06), was launched at around 15:25 at the request of Solent Coastguard to assist a 23 foot single handed sailing boat "Moon River" just south of the Nab Tower that had requested assistance after very odd noises were heard coming from her prop shaft.

The "Frank and Anne Wilkinson" arrived on scene within 10 minutes and our mechanic was transferred to investigate the problem.  He quickly identified the cause (a very loose air filter that was hitting the prop shaft) and was able to secure it back into position.  Having escorted the boat, that had set out earlier in the day from Cowes and was heading to Shoreham, for a short while to ensure that everything was ok and that the skipper was happy to continue to her destination, the "Frank and Anne Wilkinson" returned to Bembridge and was re-housed by 16:30.

9th August

The Bembridge relief Tamar All Weather Lifeboat “Frank & Anne Wilkinson” (16-06), having just completed a rescue demonstration with the Coastguard Rescue helicopter and Sandown & Shanklin Lifeboat at the Sandown Bay Regatta was tasked at 15.37 to assist a broken down 28’ motor boat with one person on board.

Originally from the “Folley” in the River Medina, the motor boat was off the Bembridge Ledge with gear box failure.  The Bembridge Lifeboat was alongside the casualty 7 minutes later and the mechanic was transferred to the casualty, however the severity of the problem could not be solved whilst at sea.

Having set up a tow the lifeboat proceeded towards Cowes and rendezvoused with & transferred the tow to the Cowes Lifeboat off Fishbourne at 16.38.

The Bembridge Lifeboat returned to Bembridge and was re-housed at 17.10.

7th August

RNLB Frank & Anne Wilkinson (Tamar 16-06) launched at 20:23 at the request of Solent Coastguard to go to the assistance of a 37ft sailing vessel with 2 crew on passage from Cherbourg that's engine had broken down and was drifting in the shipping lane about 4.5 miles south of the Bembridge Ledge.  Having located the vessel, it was quickly ascertained that the engine could not be repaired at sea so a tow was established to Portsmouth.  Having berthed the yacht safely at Haslar Marina by 22:50, the Frank & Anne Wilkinson was back at Bembridge by 23:15. 

3rd August

D-778, Norman Harvey, was paged by Solent Coastguard at around 19:00 at the request of the local coastguard team as it was estimated that over 2,000 people, probably fuelled by local media coverage, were beginning to "walk" out to St Helens Fort.  LW Portsmouth was at 19:41 (0.6m).

Not long after launching the crew were tasked locally to assist in locating 2 young children who had become separated from their parents.  It is understood that the children were found safely on the beach and re-united with their parents by the local coastguards.  The "Norman Harvey" continued to provide re-assurance to the general public as they made their way back to dry land having got considerably wetter than the smaller (and wiser) numbers who had "walked" to the Fort the previous evening.

1st August

D-778, Norman Harvey launched at the request of Solent Coastguard at just after 12:30 to assist an 18ft powerboat located in the vicinity of Priory Bay with two crew that had reported that it was taking in water.  Having located the boat, the crew were able to stop the leak and the powerboat was able to continue on its way.