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August 2014

16 August

Having launched at around 15:20 in support of our annual Open Day, the Alfred Albert Williams was tasked towards the end of the demonstration (at around 15:45) to assist a 22ft inboard engined angling boat with three crew onboard that had a rope round its prop just south of the Bembridge Ledge.  The boat was towed into Bembridge Harbour as the closest safe haven. 

The AAW was re-housed by 17:30.

13 August

The Alfred Albert Williams launched at 13:54 to assist a 29ft sailing yacht with 4 crew on board that had developed rigging problems and lost engine power about 10nm SE of Bembridge Ledge.  

A member of the Lifeboat crew was put onboard to assist and the yacht was then towed to the entrance of Bembridge Harbour where, as the tide was dropping rapidly, she was handed over to the Harbour Master's Water Taxi for safe berthing.

The AAW was re-housed by 18:00. 

12 August

The ILB provided a coastal safety presence off St Helens Fort during the evening's "fort walk" when around 1,500 people walked out to the Fort.  In the event, there were no injuries and no-one was cut off by the tide.  However, a useful "exercise" and the crew received many thank yous from those out walking.

5 August

The Alfred Albert Williams launched at 18:09 to assist a 28ft angling boat that had broken down off the Bembridge Ledge with 3 crew onboard.  Having confirmed that an on-scene repair was not possible, the boat was towed into Bembridge Harbour. 

On completion the AAW continued with her training plan which included a short demo off Seaview with the Y boat to link in with the SVYC/RNLI young cadet Coastal & Beach Safety evening.  She was re-housed as normal by 21:00.