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12th August

The ILB was requested at 05:31 and launched at 05:41 to assist a 31ft yacht that had run aground on the falling tide at the entrance to Bembridge Harbour.  On arrival it was clear that the boat was hard aground on the sand bank and could not be pulled off.  Having made sure that the three crew were safe and the yacht was in no danger, the ILB returned to the Lifeboat Station and was made ready for service again by 06:30.  The yacht floated off the sand bank under its own power at around 14:00.

10th August

The ALB was requested & launched at 17:20 to a RIB that was on fire just off St Helens Fort with four crew onboard.  Although the fire had extinguished itself by the time the Alfred Albert Williams arrived, a thorough check of the RIB & the crew was carried out.  As there was insufficient water for the ALB to tow the casualty into Bembridge Harbour where it was normally moored, the ILB was launched at 17:40 and towed the RIB back to Brading Haven YC. 

The ALB, having checked a small sailing cruiser that had initially stood by the RIB and had hit the St Helens Fort rocks was ok, was then recovered and made ready for service by 18:30.  The ILB was also re-housed by 18:30.

9th/10th August

The ILB was launched just after midnight to assist two people in a Contessa 26 who were having problems navigating into Bembridge Harbour in the dark.  The yacht was located and escorted to Fisherman's Pontoon.  The ILB was recovered and made available for service by 01:00.

7th August

Both boats carried out a pre-planned launch just before 22:00 in preparation to help recover a J109 sailing yacht that had run aground at about 15:00 on the outer edge of Bembridge Ledge with the tide dropping fast.  The coswain Steve and relief mechanic Paul walked out to the yacht at low water, carried out a thorough recce and subsequently went back out with some large fenders to assist the yacht's buoyancy as the tide made. 

All went to plan and the yacht was successfully towed into deeper water and the kedge anchor recovered at around 23:00.  The yacht was then able to motor back to Cowes with what appeared to be only superficial damage.  Both lifeboats were then recovered and made available for service by 23:30.