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April 2013

27th April

The ALB was requested to launch at 15:20 by Solent CG after receiving reports of a dismasted catamaran in the vicinity of No Man's Land Fort.

On launching the lifeboat made best speed and were re-tasked to another dismasted catamaran on route while Gosport Lifeboat (GAFIRS) attended the first one.

We sorted the catamaran out and towed it a short distance to Gosport Lifeboat who took over the tow into Stokes Bay. We took over the tow of Gosport's catamaran and towed that into Portsmouth Harbour and berthed it in Haslar Marina.

On completion we returned to station.

1st April

Both boats were requested to launch by Solent CG after reports of someone falling over Culver Cliff had been received.