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February 2018

19th February

RNLB Norman Harvey (D-Class Inshore Lifeboat D-778), having been placed on Immediate Readiness at 2.15pm this afternoon, was launched at around 2.30pm at the request of UK Coastguard  to assist the local CG teams and Police search for a missing teenager who was thought to be in the Culver area.  

Having carried out a shore-line search of Culver the Norman Harvey was released after about half an hour when the missing person was located in the Ventnor area.  She was recovered around 3.30pm.

January 2018

29th January

RNLB Alfred Albert Williams (Tamar All-Weather Lifeboat 16-17) was launched this evening at around 8pm at the request of UK Coastguard to investigate a weak May Day call that had been received, in which the only information that was heard was "Curious Parrot" and Shanklin. 

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