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November Services

Sunday 14th

We were requested to launch to assist the 23’ angling vessel “Blue Fisher” with 6 POB that had suffered gearbox failure 2.5 miles south of the nab tower.

On launching the lifeboat made best speed establishing that, there was a vessel stood by the casualty, who had no VHF radio and was drifting, although they did have a line over side. The towline having been made ready was thrown across secured and a handheld radio passed across to assist the with communications.

The casualty was towed into Langstone Harbour and once inside was brought alongside the lifeboat with the intention of us berthing him alongside the Hayling ferry terminal west side, but the owner told that they had managed to get the gearbox working again and were more than happy to continue the mile and quarter up to their berth at Kendal’s Warf.

We agreed and the after taking the details and retrieving the handheld radio the casualty was escorted up as far as the south saltern’s buoy, where they continued on and we returned to station where the lifeboat was rehoused and made ready for service again 17:00


Sunday 7th

The first service of the Alfred Albert Williams was to the 38ft fishing vessel “Nicholas C” with three persons onboard that had suffered a catastrophic gearbox failure 2.5 miles south east of Dunnose point.

On launching the lifeboat made best speed establishing that the casualty was drifting and the skipper was in the process of securing the gearbox.

Arriving on scene the lifeboat was manoeuvred close by and the towline having already been laid out was passed and secured. Due to the big spring tides and the gale force southerly winds forecast for later the lifeboat tracked close in towards Sandown bay on-route for the safety of Bembridge Harbour whilst passing Dunnose the shaft slipped aft fouling the rudder and jamming with a slight port helm.

After the skipper secured the shaft the tow was resumed and all went well, once off the entrance to Bembridge Harbour the tow was shortened and once inside the casualty was brought up alongside and was manoeuvred in to his berth at Fisherman’s pontoon.

The lifeboat was rehoused and made ready for service again by 15:50