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October Services

Thursday 7th

We were launched at the request of Solent Coastguard to assist Portsmouth Lifeboat that was assisting the 50ft Vessel “Free Spirit” had lost its steering on passage from Chichester Harbour to the Hamble.On launching it was established that the vessel was at anchor close inshore by near the east winner, on arrival we found that Portsmouth lifeboat had put one of their crewmen aboard to assist the two crew.After discussions with the ILB we sent our casualty drogue across which they set for us, we then passed the tow and once secured the weight was taken up whilst they managed to haul the anchor up.

Once underway Portsmouth ILB was able to transfer one of our crewman across to the casualty whilst picking theirs up and returning to station, on completion of that we made for Portsmouth Harbour by which time the spring tide was pouring out making life a bit uncomfortable for them in the NE wind, once inside the harbour the casualty was brought up alongside and berthed in Haslar Marina.

Once all was secured we returned to station, the lifeboat was recovered and made ready for service again by 16:10