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September Services

Sunday 5th

We were requested to launch to assist the 38’ motor cruiser “Petrona” that was experiencing difficulties in the conditions approximately 8 east south east of Dunnose point.On launching the lifeboat made best speed towards the casualty and it was established on route that the crew were fatigued and that she was making way under her own power towards the Solent.It was also established that she was getting low on fuel; although they had extra fuel onboard the skipper was unable to leave the wheel to top up the tanks due the conditions.Once on scene with the casualty running down sea just in ahead, the lifeboat was brought alongside the casualties starboard side and one crewman was transferred across, once onboard he was able to relieve the skipper, who was then able to top up the tanks.With this completed, it was felt prudent to leave our crewman aboard to give the crew some respite and escort the casualty into Portsmouth harbour and into a berth at Haslar Marina. 

On completion the lifeboat returned to station was recovered and made ready for service again by 18:00