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July Services

Wednesday 28th

We were requested to launch after Solent MRCC had received a Mayday broadcast from the 37’yacht “ZARA” with two POB  that had been dismasted some two miles SW of the Nab Tower.

The Lifeboat proceeded at best speed arriving on-scene to find the casualty drifting its sails and mast over the starboard side and the vessel “Pimpernel“ standing by.

Once on scene two crew were transferred across to assist with making secure or cutting away the gear as necessary,it was decided to pull in the mainsail onboard and remove it from the track a line was passed around the mast by the spreaders and fenders placed between the mast and hull, the mast was then winched up until only the top few feet were dragging in the water. On completion the towline having been run out was passed secured and the yacht towed into Portsmouth Harbour where once inside was assisted into the berth and secured.

The lifeboat then returned to station but was diverted by Solent MRCC to assist Sandown Rescue that had been launched after a member of the public had spotted two persons drifting out sea in small dinghy. The situation was resolved before we reached Bembridge so we returned to station and the lifeboat was recovered and made ready for service again by 17:40


Saturday 17th

We were requested to launch to the “Vampire Cat” a 30 foot catamaran adrift off culver cliff with steering failure.  The casualty was quickly spotted drifting and after establishing she was unable to make any progress due to the steering problem, the casualty drogue and instructions were passed.

The tow rope was passed and secured and a course was made to Portsmouth Harbour where the casualty vessel was berthed in Haslar Mariner, and the lifeboat returned to station was recovered and made ready for service by 23:20


Monday 12th

We were requested by Solent MRCC to assist the MFV “Sandy Belle” that had lost all power to the east of the lifeboat station.

On launching the lifeboat made best speed learning on route that the crew had the engine in pieces but were unable to fix it, arriving on-scene we found the casualty had been anchored but had recovered it and was ready to receive the towline.

Once the towline had been passed and secured the casualty was towed into Bembridge Harbour where she was berthed alongside the visitor’s pontoon and handed over to the local coastguards.

On completion the lifeboat was berthed alongside Bembridge Sailing club Pontoon until 15:30 when she was taken out and recovered and made ready for service again by 16:00