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April Services


We were requested to launch to assist in the evacuation of a passenger from the Cruise Liner “Ventura” that was coming down the eastern Solent on passage to Gibraltar. 

The Lifeboat with the Doctor onboard made best speed and rendezvoused in the vicinity of the North Sturbridge buoy.

The boarding platform having been lowered, the lifeboat was brought alongside and secured, the Doctor was transferred across and after discussions, the couples luggage was passed across to the lifeboat with her husband and shortly followed by the lady assisted by the doctor and a crewmember.

Once onboard she was assisted into the wheelhouse made comfortable and monitored by the doctor, best speed was made for Portsmouth harbour and the berth in Camber docks where once secured alongside she was handed over the ambulance crew with the assistance of the local Coastguards.

On completion the lifeboat returned to station but due to the state of the tide was berthed in Bembridge Harbour until midnight when she was taken out re-housed, and made ready for service again by 00:40


The Peggy and Alec Caird was launched after a Mayday transmission was picked up from the RIB “Evolution” that had slammed down heavily off a wave and a crewmember had suffered a back injury whilst SE of Dunnose point.

The lifeboat made best speed and arriving on-scene, found the casualty making slow headway northwards, the RIB was asked to lose all speed and the lifeboat having been made ready was brought up alongside and transferred two crewmembers across to evaluate the crewman. 

It was established that the crewman was feeling nauseas and suffering from lower back pains but he felt capable of making his way to the aft end and with assistance being transferred across, with the RIB secured alongside and running down sea the crewman was assisted across and then into the wheelhouse.

Provisions were made to land the casualty at the Bembridge Sailing Club pontoon where we were met by the local Coastguards and Ambulance crew who assessed the guy onboard prior to assisting him ashore.

Because of the state of the tide the lifeboat was left alongside the pontoon until 15:30 when it was taken out of the harbour and recovered and made ready for service again by 16:20


We launched to assist the 18’ angling vessel “Last Crusade” that suffered engine failure whilst fishing in Whitecliff Bay. 

The ILB made best speed to find the casualty who was out of Portsmouth harbour, anchored and unable to start his outboard, the anchor was recovered and the ILB towed the casualty into Bembridge Harbour.

Once alongside our mechanic inspected the engine and after some jiggery pokery managed to start it, with all running well the owner was advised to head back to port and have the system look at prior to venturing to sea again.

The ILB escorted the casualty up as far as the Noman lands fort with no problems so the casualty was left to continue his passage into port and told to call Solent Coastguard on his arrival.

On completion the ILB returned to station was recovered and made ready for service again by 11:40


We were requested to launch to assist a family of three cut off by the tide at Black rock.

On launching the ILB made best speed arriving to find the group cold and wet, the ILB picked them and took them took them to the slipway at paddock drive where they were handed over to the waiting local Coastguard.

 On completion the ILB returned to station and was recovered and made ready for service 17:30