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May Services

We launched on Thursday 20th at 02:26 to assist a small angling vessel the “Cormorant” that had become unsure of its position as thick fog came down.

The casualty had contacted the Coastguard by mobile phone informing them they thought their position was near the lifeboat station so on launching with the visibility down to less than 30 metres in places the lifeboat made its way slowly towards the east, luckily the casualty managed to find a hand held radio and we were able to DF the casualty in the opposite direction towards Seaview. After several slow counts of one to five we homed in on them and found they were anchored off Nettlestone point.

After asking if they were alright, we escorted them slowly back into Bembridge harbour and onto Bembridge Sailing Club pontoon where we were met by the local Coastguards, on completion they made their way across the harbour and into their berth at Fishermans pontoon.


We were requested to launch by Solent Coastguards on 18th May at 05:58 to assist in the transporting of the fire service onto the Horse Sand Fort that was seen to be on fire by a passing pilot boat. It was established on-route that the fort was being occupied by three people that were clearing it out, the Police launch from Portsmouth was alongside with two Police Officers on the fort assessing the situation and Portsmouth ILB was close by.

At 06:37 the Police informed Solent that the fire was out and all was well.

We were then released to return to station, the lifeboat was recovered and made ready for service again by 07:30.


At 19.00 hours on Saturday 8th of May 2010 at the request of Solent Coastguard the Bembridge RNLI Mersey Class Lifeboat “Peggy & Alex Caird” was launched to assist the 40’ Motor Boat “Rapala” which had become caught up in fishing pot lines 3 ½ miles south of St Catherines lighthouse.

Arriving with the casualty an hour later, having assessed the situation which confirmed that it would not be possible to free the propellers, a tow was established and the “Rapala” was taken undertow back to her home port of Chichester. Having a home port of Chichester it was decided that the tow would be passed over to the Hayling Island Lifeboat outside of Chichester Harbour who would take the “Rapala” into the harbour  so that the Bembridge boat could return home.

The tow was passed over at 23.30 and the Lifeboat was making her way back to Bembridge when 15 minutes later she was re-tasked to the 40’ yacht “British Solider” which had also become fouled on fishing gear by the Horsesand Fort in the middle of the Solent.

Arriving with this casualty 30 minutes later once again with no solution readily available to release the yacht and check her underwater equipment a tow was established and the yacht was taken into Haslar marina in Portsmouth harbour where the yacht was made secure at 01.15.

The Bembridge lifeboat finally arrived back in Bembridge at 02.00 hours 7 hours after launching.


On Sunday 2nd May the Peggy and Alex Caird was launched at 19:30 to assist the 37ft yacht "Thunderflash" that had run out of fuel and was finding it difficult to head into Portsmouth harbour.

The lifeboat rendezvoused with the yacht north of the station and transferred a can of fuel, the engine was bled, started and after checks the yacht made its own way into Portsmouth harbour.

On completion the lifeboat returned to station was recovered and made ready for service again by 21:00