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Bembridge Lifeboat is a "Discover" RNLI station

located at the eastern end of the Isle of Wight,
adjacent to the infamous Bembridge Ledge

So far in 2018, the crew have been involved in 5 services (shouts) (4 ALB & 1 ILB) and have rescued or assisted (or potentially assisted) 5 people.

The most recent ALB shout was on 28th February 2018.  The most recent ILB shout was on 19th February 2018.  Click here for details of "shouts">>

In 2017, the crew were involved in 52 services (shouts) (36 ALB & 16 ILB) and have rescued or assisted (or potentially assisted) 97 people, 3 dogs, an inflatable swan, 2 inflatable dinghies and a plastic traffic bollard! 

The ILB was placed on immediate readiness on Friday morning 14th April but stood down after about an hour and a half following the successful conclusion to an incident on Culver Down.  There were cancelled launches on 7th April, 22nd July, 29th July, 26th Aug, 31st Aug & 12th Oct.  Both boats launched on Sunday 23rd July to drop off Sir Ben Ainslie & Jono Macbeth at Seaview for the SVYC/RNLI Seaview Guild's Youth event.  The ILB provided a presence off St Helens Fort on Wednesday evening 23rd August for the annual "happening".  RNLB Alfred Albert Williams attended the naming ceremony for Selsey RNLI's new Shannon Class Lifeboat on Thr 21st Sep.  She also launched on 27th Sep with IMRF European Lifeboat Crew Exchange (Estonia, Portugal, France, Denmark, Iceland, the Netherlands and Germany).

In 2016, the crew were involved in 45 services (shouts) (33 ALB & 12 ILB) and have rescued or assisted 77 people. See History Timeline & News for more detail.

In 2015, the crew were involved in 39 services (shouts) (30 ALB & 9 ILB) and rescued or assisted 86 people.   See History Timeline & News for more detail.

In 2014 there were 33 shouts (29 ALB & 4 ILB) with 62 people being rescued or assisted.  See History Timeline & News for more detail.

In 2013 there were 34 shouts (24 ALB & 10 ILB) with 67 people being rescued or assisted.  See History Timeline & News for more detail.

Although changes may be necessary at short notice for operational reasons, the next planned ALB launch is expected to be on:

Tuesday 22nd May at 19:00

Tuesday 29th May at 19:00

Offshore Boathouse & Shop Opening Times

Yellow Welly Week (26th May - 3rd June) 2018

 Bembridge lifeboat station is to be the focus of a week-long programme of fun and educational activities from Saturday, 26th May to Sunday, 3rd June, from 11am to 4pm daily, during the lifeboat station’s annual Yellow Welly Weekevent.

This event is supporting the RNLI’s Respect the Water campaign – a national initiative aimed at reducing the number of water-related fatalities, currently around 160 per year, to half that number by 2024, by a programme of education offering information and advice to all users of the marine and water-related environments – whether in or on the sea,  beaches, rivers, or lakes.

At the lifeboat station during the week, there will be a range of activities offering help and advice for all users of the marine environment, from lifejacket ‘clinics’ for boat users  to information on coastal walking, fishing, kayaking, beach safety and all marine activities all week, including advice for coastal dog walkers. The offshore boathouse will be open every day from 11am to 4pm for the public to view the all-weather lifeboat at close quarters and join in the activities.

On the less serious side, there will also be a range of fun activities for youngsters, from dressing-up in junior lifeboat crew kit, line-throwing to “rescue the teddy” and storytelling for the younger visitors in the offshore boathouse to a “welly-wanging” competition on the beach.

The evening training launch of the all-weather lifeboat is scheduled for Tuesday, 29th May at 6.30 pm, which can be viewed from the boathouse and there will also be a chance a to ‘meet the crew’, after which hot dogs and drinks will be served by the Guild, either on the beach or in the inshore boathouse, (depending on the weather).

South Coast Yellow Welly Relay (Bembridge to Portsmouth - Fri 11th May)



photos by Ken Orchard & Peter Baxter

Ryde Junior School Donation

A big big thank you to the children of Ryde Junior School who have recently managed to raise over £4,000 for the RNLI.  The cheque was presented to the crew during the Regatta held at SVYC on 26th April 2018

Stormforce Morning (Saturday 23rd September) & Isle of Wight Day


Fort Walk - 23rd August 2017


 HMS Queen Elizabeth - Portsmouth 16th August 2017

(photo kindly by Gosport & Fareham Inshore Rescue)

British America's Cup Sailors meeting the Island's Next Generation

(Sunday 23rd July - Sea View Yacht Club)



                                                         photos by Harriet Hadfield & Caroline Peel

7th July Shout!


Photos by kind permission of Darren Toogood, The Island Echo.

150 years of Lifesaving at Bembridge

During the Service of Thanksgiving

A fantastic day yesterday (Saturday 10th June).  I am sure that there will be lots of better photos, particularly of the Ceremony, however I have uploaded the ones that I took to a web album - the link to view is:

History of Bembridge Lifeboat (June 2016)

Exciting news, Martin Woodward's fascinating and detailed "History of Bembridge Lifeboat" is available in the Bembridge RNLI shop so do come and buy a copy.  A small number of signed copies are available in the Shop.

 RNLB Alfred Albert Williams (Tamar 16-17) launching on Saturday 30th April 2016

photo by John Hendy

 Amazing Photos of the Lifeboat Station

Have a look at a few of Jamie Currie's amazing photos of the Lifeboat Station and the surrounding area in the Image Gallery.  For a larger selection click here.

Jamie has generously agreed to make a £5.00 donation to the RNLI for any A4 or A3 photos sold and £2.00 for the 10 x 12 photos.


 "With lifeboats, lifeguards and safety education the RNLI provides a ring of safety around the UK & ROI"

"With courage, nothing is impossible"

- Sir William Hillary, founder of the RNLI 1824