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A 'Framed Letter of Thanks' signed by the Chairman of the Institution was presented to Coxswain Archibald Henley in recognition of the contribution made by the Bembridge lifeboat Max Aitken III in the rescue of seventeen people from the yacht Donald Searl, which was in difficulties close to the Chichester Bar in atrocious conditions on 25 October.  For this service the Second-Service Clasp to the Silver Medal was awarded to Roderick James, Helmsman of the Hayling Island lifeboat, and a Silver Medal to Helmsman Frank Dunster of the rigid inflatable Hayling Rescue (see Hayling Island history).

Work was carried out on the re-cladding of the ALB boathouse. 

A major programme of repair works to the concrete of both the boathouse and slipway sub-structures was carried out.  Southern Water Services granted approval to connect the station to the sewerage system at Lane End.