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Bronze Medal awarded to Coxswain Harry J Gawn for rescuing the crew of the Naval minesweeper Kingston Cairngorm that was flooding in a blizzard and heavy seas on Chichester Bar on 29/30 January 1940.  In an operation involving several approaches her crew of 21, including the Institution’s Chief Inspector who had been recalled to the Navy, was taken off and landed at Portsmouth.  The lifeboat had been at sea for fourteen hours with the coxswain at the wheel all throughout and with the weather so atrocious that at the end of the service the lifeboat’s deck was covered in ice. 

In the early days of the war it was necessary to warn the artillery batteries on the cliffs before the lifeboat was launched on service.  The lifeboat herself was provided with a couple of rifles to repel any attack by the enemy. 

An ex Honorary Secretary of the station, Captain Flack, was rescued from the Goodwin Sands by the RNLI.